*** This app is not for you. ***

It costs a bunch just to download. That should turn off most of you. And there really aren’t that many features right now. I wrote this app for me and people like me. You’re probably not like me. Further, this is not my full time job, so I only want people paying for the app who will actually use it, like I use it, and help me make it better. So, if you decide to purchase it and pay for it, I really hope you are serious, because otherwise, you are going to be really disappointed. You’ve got to be so interested in living an intentional life and so focused on rejecting the kind of life that most of the world believes is a successful one, that $25 for the help would seem like a screaming deal. So, like I said, this app is not for you.

Are you still here?


Do not read any further.

It will only disappoint you.

Why are you doing this?

Ok, I’m going to tell you about the app, but you will probably not like it, but since you are persisting, I’ll go with it. Let’s try to see if you are a good fit. It’s unlikely, but okay…

Routine is an app that helps you to develop and discover habits that work for you. Not for others, for you. Not because others say it matters, but because you have learned for yourself what matters.

See, most people just want someone to tell them what to do. This app isn’t going to do that. You have to choose. It works like this:

Step 1 – Choose what you want to do regularly
Step 2 – Do your best to respond when the app prompts you
Step 3 – Ponder to learn what works for you and start back at step 1

What the app is going to do is learn from your responses about what you really value, by what you choose to do, and not do. This will reveal the truth about what you actually care about, and this will give you a chance to decide if you really do value the things you say you do. If so, the app will help you form that habit. Once you’ve got that habit as part of you, you can stop using the app because you’re done. If the app is effective, you will not need it any more.

When you start messing with your habits, you are messing with your assumptions for how life should be. It will mess with your feelings of security, your desires to fit in, even expose your fear of experimentation. Likely, you’ll begin to see your general lack of self-awareness and your unwillingness to trust yourself and even trust that this life is a safe place to learn. It’s highly likely that you will find these realizations very painful. Most people desire a life of ease and avoid pain at all costs, which is why I said: this app is not for you. However, growth and learning almost always come through discomfort, so if you’re into learning, maybe this app is for you. Or not.

There are things in life that must be done consistently in order to get the benefit. The problem is, that while humans are good at many things, being consistent isn’t one of them. However, there is a catch, if a human develops a habit, the consistency comes because the human is on auto-pilot. About half of your waking life is routine, repeated stuff you do. This is discretionary time, but time that’s being lived largely by default. If you can learn to do that routine stuff better, or change those routines, you can measurably improve your life. But you must be willing to set aside your deeply held assumptions about how and when you should be doing things.

This app is about growth and doing the simple, but hard things consistently. It’s about building the courage to keep making those new mistakes. The whole point is for you, by getting it wrong, to learn for yourself. The focus of this app is to help support the activation energy required to begin and continue on the journey. As you use Routine you will begin to see success in the journey of trying, even while you are not there yet.

So if you think you’d like to begin this kind of journey, then maybe this app is for you.

But probably not.